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martes, 22 de julio de 2014

Total White

Hola mis pequeñas cupcakes! Si si.. he estado muy desaparecida lo sé :( procuraré actualizar más a ver si es posible. Hace nada empecé las prácticas de la carrera y me tengo que organizar para poder hacer todo pero bueno ahora estaré al pie del cañón actualizando! Pero nunca os abandono por las redes sociales! No os olvideis que podéis seguirme en instagram como @cupcakes_1931. Os dejo con este look total white :D nos vemos en el próximo post!<3
Hello my little cupcakes! Yes.. i know that i've been missing quite a while :( i'll try to update this more often. I just started with my internship and i'm very excited but at the same time i have to get used to it and be able to organize everything now! But if you follow me on the social networks you could have seen that i kept posting things so no worries, don't forget to follow me on instagram @cupcakes_1931. I leave you with this total white outfit :D see you on the next post! 

Shirt ( Forever21), ripped jeans( Primark), sandals (Nine West), handbag (Carolina Herrera), necklace and watch (Yanes Young)

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